Review- INFECTION- Black Sheep Theatre

“INFECTION” tries to grapple with several large issues: discrimination and pathologization of homosexuality, HIV ignorance and social control, just to name just a few. The drama starts with a premise: “In a world where conformity is law, an infection is spreading.” In a hypothetical setting of an Orwellian society, the Big Brother is watching, and everyone performs mechanically. In this tightly controlled society, hygiene is prioritized; not just in terms of physically sanitizing your hands, but also your sexuality. Any deviation from the hegemonic heterosexual orientation is deemed perverse and medication is needed to “correct" it. As a manner of social control, the homosexual people are “diagnosed” or labeled as “infected” and thus, institutionalized. The infection is likened to HIV where there is no cure and the characters are infested with a negative social stigma. Discrimination prevails, even within the family unit.


Review- Small Eyes for a Black Face-Brave Heart Theatre

Before the show had even started, I walked into the Premium Sofa Club to live fiesta rhythms that anticipated the high-energy fairytale to come. And Braveheart Theatre’s production of Small Eyes for a Black Face was a fairy-tale in all senses of the word. Fan Lee (Sandy Lau), a student studying sociology at CUHK, travels to the fictional Kingdom of Zamunda in Africa for a cultural exchange project and chances upon Prince Akum (Darius Dzado) who is in turn searching for a true love who he can claim as his queen. For the rest of the tale, one follows the budding lovers as they explore the culture of the land—from farming to dancing—and overcome the odds of traditional boundaries, parental disapproval and cultural differences.


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