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And why is this site called HKELD?

The 5 Best Free Yoga and Pilates Channels2-4-16

We're all artists. Gym membership prices in Hong Kong are ridiculous and often times with the hectic pace of living in the city, you don't have the opportunity to go weekly.


Theatre in Education1-4-16

Theatre in Education or Applied Drama is the act of using drama in the classroom to teach a specific task or social issue. This doesn't necessarily have to take place on a stage or in a classroom. TIE, as it is commonly called, can happen anywhere.


HKELD's Editor Chosen to Cover Edinburgh Fringe31-3-16

Recently, our editor, Meaghan McGurgan was selected for an NIC (Network of Independent Critics) Fellowship to travel to the Edinburgh Fringe. She was selected out of hundreds of emerging art critics and was the only critic selected out of Asia. She will be traveling to Edinburgh to provide valuable feedback to the Fringe and be mentored by established arts critics.


Preview- Little Pieces- CCDC30-3-16

Memory is incomplete. A puzzle. Every experience, every treasured relationship, they’re pieces. And throughout our lives, we search for missing pieces – in ourselves, in those we love, in nowhere. Maybe we’re lucky – maybe we recover these pieces. But there is still a long way to go, a long journey until we complete our own puzzle.


Add Art to Your Travels28-3-16

When I travel I'm known as a flashpacker. A flashpacker is a person who travels with their laptop and other technological needs, stays at a nicer hostel, but enjoys the backpacking experience more than staying in a resort or hotel. I choose to hostel and make new friends while on my trip. I also choose to document my journey online while I do it.


History of the Passion Play26-3-16

It's Easter weekend which means passion plays are going to be happening. I was asked the other day how passion plays came about? They actually have a quite interesting historical significance to the world of the theatre. Passion plays are part of a very large group of religious plays known as pageant plays or morality plays. They are a community based project based in the Christian faith that came about during the 14th century.


Is Art Investment Bad?24-3-16

It's shocking to hear these words this weekend. Art Basel and several art fairs have opened in Hong Kong; bringing with them thousands of art collectors and big bucks to spend.


What's Your Method?23-3-16

We recently added the 2000th event to our What's On calendar. There are so many exciting events happening in Hong Kong.


Artists Around the World Celebrate Earth Hour18-3-16

The 2016 Earth Hour is taking place this weekend in Hong Kong at 8:30pm. Earth Hour is the world's largest collective environmental action. It involves individuals, communities, and governments across the globe. This simple idea of clicking the lights-off world-wide sends the message that we are united in the fight to save our planet's resources.


Bringing Social Media to the Theatre?17-3-16

A recent article in the Guardian suggested that 35% of audience members want a special section in theatres to allow texting and social media apps during productions.


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