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Preview- The Unknown Soldier- Stylus Productions 15-5-18

Adam Harris and Stylus Productions are on stage again after quite a long hiatus, and the long-term local actor is proud to present The Unknown Soldier by Ross Ericson.


Review- The Suppliant Women- Hong Kong Arts Festival25-3-18

A strong message is carried all throughout the performance of The Suppliant Women, currently showing at the Hong Kong Arts Festival.


Promo Video: Closer- Sweet and Sour Productions 14-3-18

Closer runs this week. Make sure to check out the Sweet and Sour's promotional video, and to buy tickets!


Preview- Closer- Sweet and Sour Productions5-3-18

Closer, the latest Sweet and Sour Productions' show, opens this Saturday. The team is once more led by director Candice Moore; before we check out the play, we are curious to hear from the actors and their leader how they put everything together and we look forward to seeing them all in action.


Audience Reaction: Dial "M" For Murder- Aurora Theatre 9-2-18

Did you have the chance to watch Dial "M" For Murder? What did you think of it? Write your comments and thoughts and let us know!


Audition Notice: Timeless- Starlit Voice8-2-18

Starlit Voice is proud to present its newest production, Timeless, and the group is now looking for adult actors to fill various roles.


Preview- A Night On Broadway- Dove Tales Theatre Company and TheatreLab HK12-1-18

The new year has brought us cool, crisp weather to begin with. The best way to keep us warm? Checking out hot shows! Theatrelab HK and Dove Tales Theatre Company bring us something really unique this month, as they are presenting, after their public stage debut Urinetown, their latest production A Night On Broadway.


Preview- Beauty And The Beast- Drama School Hong Kong 8-12-17

December is an exciting time, not only for family celebrations and festivities but theatre productions too, especially when they capture the holiday spirit, famous fairy tales and young talents.


Preview- Urinetown- TheatreLab HK16-11-17

TheatreLab HK is debuting onstage next week with the musical Urinetown. Written by Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis, it premiered in 2001 at New York International Fringe Festival; the musical is a satirical comedy that pinpoints the flaws of the legal system, capitalism, social irresponsibility, and bureaucracy.


Preview- Lungs- Liki Produksie8-11-17

It doesn't happen too often in Hong Kong to find theatrical work performed in languages other than English or Chinese. Therefore, when a group dares to take a production to a different level and share its native culture with the rest of the world, we are entirely eager to find out more about it.


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