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Preview- The Importance of Being Earnest- Shadow Players10-9-16

There is a reason why The Importance of Being Earnest remains one of the most popular classics of British literature portrayed on stage: the wit, irony and the jokes used in every character's line makes this piece of art timeless and evergreen.


Nominees- Best Actress9-9-16

These are the ladies who graced the stage with their beautiful and magnetic presence and performance.


Nominees- Best Actor 9-9-16

We watched shows where we couldn't take our eyes off the lead actors for their charisma, stage presence and their flawless interpretation of their characters. These talented performers shined through their performance and elevated the show they acted into the next level.


Nominees- Best Dance Show5-9-16

Dancing comes with a lot of work and sacrifice. The more effortless it looks, the more sweat has been poured over those steps. In a dance show, we get carried away by performers expressing their emotions through movements rather than words. The talented groups nominated have brought a lot of beauty to our town.


Nominees- Best Supporting Actor 4-9-16

As Stanislawski used to say: there are no small parts, just small actors. Let's take a peep on the highlights of the year.


Nominees: Best Supporting Actress 3-9-16

These are the ladies who shined next to the star of the show, but being a great supporting role takes as much effort, if not more, than a leading one. This year we have a lot of diversity among the nominees, just as we like it.


Nominees- Best Local Band30-8-16

Hong Kong's music scene has always been a diverse group of characters. In the past few years, we've seen a big boom in appreciation for local talent and indie bands. These are your favorites, voted on by the readers of HKELD during the past month. Take a listen to their music and choose your fave!


Wanted: Interns18-8-16

HKELD is currently searching for two dynamic, young, art loving individuals to be our Fall Interns.


And the Nominees Are...15-8-16

The public has voted and chosen the best of the best for the 2015-2016 season! Don't shoot the messenger.


Preview- Journey to the West- CCDC5-8-16

Who doesn't love the story of Monkey and his journey?


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