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And why is this site called HKELD?

YAF Seeks Young Talent2-8-16

YAF is seeking enthusiastic and energetic actors, singers and dancers between the ages of 9 and 25 to take part in an original theatrical experience, Melodia, written by Cirque du Soleil composers!


Wild Thyme is a Hidden Gem28-7-16

As a sufferer of food allergies, eating in Hong Kong can be a struggle at times. I've been to many a restaurant where the chef will roll his eyes, tell me the food is nut free and then I'll spend the next two days violently ill. It can be even worse for some of my other friends who suffer from even more common food fiends like gluten, where a food can be declared "gluten-free" but still contain traces.


What is the "Cluck Norris"?25-7-16

LD was invited to Beef and Liberty's Cluck Norris event earlier this month. A summer celebration of fun, friends and music at their Wanchai location was light and fresh much like their fun selection of cocktails.


Get Inspired at AWE!11-7-16

For those of you who want to get inspired but hate getting out of your pajamas, we might have found the answer. Our friends at AWE Connect have started a conference that is just for you!


All About Aristotle28-6-16

Everything you wanted to know about our favorite Greek!


What are the Hecklers?21-6-16

Did you have a favorite moment of the Hong Kong art scene this past year? We know we did! is proud to announce that starting on July 1st our site will be working hard to celebrate the best and brightest of 2015-2016.


Hecklers 2016: You Pick the Final Category!15-6-16

We're going to be releasing the nomination ballots for the The Hecklers in a few weeks. (Can you believe it's been a year already?) The Hecklers are an award ceremony to celebrate the local talent in Hong Kong's art scene. Unlike other ceremonies in town that vote on a panel based system, we allow our readers and the people of Hong Kong to vote on who they think is the best of the year.


Why Art Travel?9-6-16

Just this weekend I got back from a wonderful weekend in Kota Kinabalu to visit my friend, Juno Kim, who was having an art show. She's a travel blogger who has recently become rather famous for the amazing photographs she's taken around the world. I had never been to KK before and I was quite excited to go. My mom wanted me to see the beautiful wildlife. My friends wanted me to hit the clubs. I wanted to hit the beach with a margarita, but what ended up happening was so much better than a beach- I got to discover an emerging art scene that I knew nothing about.


Preview- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang- Face Productions31-5-16

Who didn't love this movie growing up?


Preview- Fragile Beauty- CCDC27-5-16

CCDC is proud to present a new production Fragile Beauty next week at the Kwai Tsing Theatre. Their next production is choreographed by Sang Jijia, with Dickson Dee as composer and inspired by fireworks. Sang was inspired by the "nature of glorious yet ephemeral fireworks."


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