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Do Your Students Have Opinions About Theatre?3-3-14

HKELD is all about promoting the performing arts in Hong Kong. A love for the arts is a culturally important aspect of life and students are usually encouraged at school to develop such an interest. Whether they do or not is up to them but we thought it would be interesting to find out what they really think about, (for example) a mandated play they were forced to watch for a school trip.


Theatre Game of the Week #5510-2-14

The arm game is a game based on a popular improv game. It takes 4 actors with 2 actors providing the arms for the characters and 2 actors providing the voice.


Theatre Game of the Week #5429-1-14

You can use really advanced techniques with your students. You don't need to dumb it down. Kids are smart.


Coming Soon... Kidsfest 20146-1-14

Moms and Dads in Hong Kong should get excited. Kidsfest is coming back this month. 3 whole weeks of 8 shows performing in rep all for the young audience member.


Theatre Game of the Week #532-1-14

Timelines and the aspect of time are an excellent thing to review and teach students at the beginning of the year.


Theatre Game of the Week #5219-12-13

This game is called The Nutcracker and is a perfectly themed game for Christmas time in the classroom. First you're gonna need some sweet tunes from The Nutcracker so get them on your MP3 player stat! Explain the concept of a Nutcracker to your kids. It's made of wood and has very stiff joints. Basically the class is going to be a pile of Nutcrackers and slowly come to life with magic.


Theatre Game of the Week #5110-12-13

This game is an excellent ice breaker and well loved game for classes with a touch of silly in them. It also can be very challenging if you add in steps 5 and 6.


Sassy December!6-12-13

Our latest article with Sassy Mama was published today.


Theatre Game of the Week #5022-11-13

To celebrate our 50th article of TIE knowledge, we're opening the floor to you!


Theatre Game of the Week #4915-11-13

This is a game I use to teach kids about jobs. It's great for primary school kids and secondary school kids. You just amp up the level of difficulty with the words involved.


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