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Mo Theatre for Movember!8-11-13

Our latest article with Sassy Mama was published the other day.


Theatre Game of the Week #484-11-13

Kids today are video game obsessed. This is a great game that combines the traditional parts of the story with video games. Basically, you have the kids make their own video games from beginning to end. Plot to Character. It's an all day game so set the whole classroom time aside.


Theatre Game of the Week #4728-10-13

This is a game that involves music, light and a ladder. Sometimes it's difficult to find a classroom in HK with all three.


Kids' Perspective- Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged25-10-13

This week we taught a Critics Workshop at Renaissance College in Ma On Shan. The students were fabulous and showed a lot of enthusiasm for the arts. As part of the workshop, the kids attended a performance of ABA Productions' The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged.


Theatre Game of the Week #4621-10-13

Penmanship is important. Some kids I've taught in HK have handwriting that resembles a serial killer.


Theatre Game of the Week #4515-10-13

Frozen poses are a great tool to add to your acting bag. They're a great base for a lot of acting workshops. You can start this game with just getting kids used to the concept of freeze and go.


Sassy Picks for Sassy Kids!9-10-13

Our latest article with Sassy Mama went up a few days ago.


Theatre Game of the Week #4424-9-13

When I learned this game I was a student. It was called Patriotic Colors. Since teaching drama in HK I've expanded to all the colors of the rainbow and ditched the Americana name but I find the principle of the game to be very good for teaching primary students about object/color association. It's a great vocab game for younglings.


Theatre Game of the Week #4317-9-13

If you're looking for a theatre game that will help you teach your youngsters parts of a car, then this is the game for you! It's called Blowout!


'Sup Mamas?16-9-13

Our September recommendations article with Sassy Mama has come out!


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