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Theatre Game of the Week #268-4-13

This game is called Frozen Circle. Some people call it Space Jump. It's a great physical game for groups that respond well to active games. It's also a great game when learning about active verbs in the ESL classroom. You can work on easy ones like "cooking" or "dancing" to more complicated ones like "mowing a lawn" or "reviving a dying patient".


Theatre Game of the Week #253-4-13

I'm about to reveal a big secret in my trick bag. It's a game that many teachers only pull out in case of an emergency.


New Feature- Playpackets!27-3-13

We've started offering a new feature that hopefully parents and teachers will find pretty awesome. We're calling them playpackets and they're "educa-fun" enhancing material that mommies and teachers can bring with them to the theatre. Kids are always saying they are bored. The theatre can be both an exciting place and a place to learn. With our playpackets we hope to help make that experience even better for kids by giving them questions to think about, fun activities to do, and some facts about what they're watching.


Theatre Game of the Week #2425-3-13

This game is a fun warm up game. It works especially well with groups who have high energy.


Shakespeare for Six Year Olds?20-3-13

King Lear bemoaned, “How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!”. But could teaching kids Shakespeare in their pre-teen years actually make them grateful for it later on?


Theatre Game of the Week #2318-3-13

Follow your nose! We've all heard this phrase before, but what if you let your nose lead you around a space? People typically walk in 3 different styles. They are either head walkers, chest walkers or pelvis walkers.


Theatre Game of the Week #2211-3-13

A park bench is a simple place to sit. It's present in almost all cities, so this game works for students from all over the world. Everybody knows what a park bench is. I like to play this game with secondary students.


Theatre Game of the Week #214-3-13

Vocal warmups are a tried and true theatrical tradition. I was at rehearsal yesterday and we were discussing them. What warmups you prefer can vary on what country you're from and what teachers you've had. They may seem a bit boring but they are a must needed item. Each of these listed below work various parts of the mouth, tongue, and palette.


Theatre Game of the Week #2025-2-13

This is a very well known warm up game in the theatre world. You can use it in big groups or small groups. It will help create teamwork and bonding amongst your team and work on speaking and moving quickly. I like to use this game in my ESL classes and I will use it when I'm directing a show with adults. It's a basic that everyone can benefit from. Of course different teachers teach this game differently. This is the way that I was taught it and play it with my students. How do you play it? I'm interested in hearing all the different variations of the game.


Theatre Game of the Week #1918-2-13

A great active learning game that works on skills development and getting ESL learners to recall object names. Fantastic for primary age kids.


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