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Theatre Game of the Week #1811-2-13

In honor of CNY we will play Fables. Fables is a great game when you're teaching kids about mythology or about traditional stories. It can also be used in a classroom with Aesop's to teach things about moral/theme and manners. What you do is you read a fable as a class together. Then you use this fable as a platform to create a drama over the class period. Because it's CNY, we'll use the story of the Chinese Zodiac for the basis of this outline.


Theatre Game of the Week #174-2-13

I love playing this game with primary kids. It's very fun and has great teamwork elements in it. Also, who doesn't love a game where the goal is to eat your classmates?


Theatre Game of the Week #1628-1-13

One of Aristotle's 6 principals of drama is rhythm. Here is a game that helps students play with the concept of rhythm. It works really well with primary school kids.


Theatre Game of the Week #1521-1-13

In honor of our first podcast we turn our attention to radio dramas. Radio dramas can be an excellent tool in the classroom. Often times you will find that students will have a disconnect between the vocal and physical. Radio drama games are excellent way to help students work on vocal skills, foley artistry and clear story telling.


Theatre Game of the Week #1415-1-13

There are typically three types of learners in a classroom. Audio, Visual and Tactile. The perfect theatre game will hit all three at once. This is one of my favorite ones to play. It's called Gamer. It's also a great game for Hong Kong kids as they are normally computer game obsessed. Having the game contain something they enjoy is the key to hooking them into having fun and learning at the same time.


Coming Soon... Kidsfest 20138-1-13

Mommies and Daddies looking for something fun to do with the kids in these cold months may want to look into ABA's Kidsfest! It was a raging success last year.


Theatre Game of the Week #137-1-13

Our game for this week works well with visual learners. It also is a big hit with any special needs groups I've taught. It's important to have a couple of games in your back pocket that are purely creative and don't have boundaries on them. This allows for freedom of thought.


Theatre Game of the Week #1224-12-12

Props can be a very useful tool in the classroom.


Theatre Game of the Week #1117-12-12

I love playing this game. It's super fun. It's also a good way of identifying everyday objects which can be a great active vocab reminder for primary aged kids. I also play this game when I do my workshops with domestic workers. It's a great way to work on everyday household vocab!


Theatre Game of the Week #109-12-12

One of my all time favorite warm up games!


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