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Review- The Intervention- Treasure Chest Theatre 10-3-21

With the world still turning as slowly as Covid-19 will allow it to, theatres all over the world have taken a hit. Live performances have been all be non-existent, though for obvious and unfortunate reasons.


Review- Mussolini's Mistresses- Aurora Theatre and Perilous Mouths Entertainment4-3-20

It is said that there is always a woman behind every successful man. Benito Mussolini, the Godfather of Italian Fascism, had, as he boasted, as many as twelve mistresses at any given time.


Review- The Funeral- Treasure Chest Theatre18-12-19

We've had two enthusiastic reviewers willing to cover the same show. To say thank you for their generous contribution, we are publishing both articles on the same page.


Review- The Merry Widow- Musicaviva13-12-19

Musica Viva’s The Merry Widow came just in time to spice up the holiday. Originally performed in German in 1905, and subsequently, in a great many languages, notably French and English, this Hong Kong rendition is notable for its extravagant costumes, lavish sets and mesmerising dancing by Hong Kong Ballet.


Review- So Low- Jockey Club New Arts Power 13-12-19

I’ll admit, I’m not always the biggest fan of solo pieces of work. I often find them never-ending, time filling performances. This is the first solo I have ever seen (, and I’ve seen a fair few,) that kept me engaged and not watching the clock.


Review- Lady Death: Story Of A Female Sniper- KrisP. Productions 28-11-19

​There is much to be unpacked in KrisP. Production’s latest play Lady Death, written and produced by the Russian native Kristina Pakhomova. As the production is still making it’s run, and of course in the interest of not spoiling the fun, we’ll stick to the knee jerk reactions and standard analysis.


Review- Tracks- SAHK Theatre Exchange and Treasure Chest Theatre School 10-11-19

Race and racism are at best touchy subjects, and part of a larger conversation that is likely never to go away. Tracks is a production that tells us about racism’s issues in the long term, even to the extent of affecting future and newer generations.


Review- Underneath The Lintel- Stylus Productions1-11-19

This will be fairly brief and straight forward: One-man shows are challenging. As taxing as performing with others can be, building an aesthetic with the audience on one’s presents very different obstacles entirely.


Review- Secret Theatre Hong Kong5-10-19

Justice meets gameshow in the ambitious courtroom comedy-drama from immersive performance-makers Secret Theatre Hong Kong.


Review- Le Nozze di Figaro- Musica Viva 26-9-19

Hong Kong’s Musica Viva has incrementally moved from one full opera production per year —in December—to two.


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