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Review- Singin' in the Rain- Lunchbox Productions27-9-15

It was all too fitting last night that amber rain warnings were being announced while Singin' in the Rain splashed into town.


Review- The Waste Land- The Shadow Players24-9-15

To hear that there shall be a dramatic performance of T.S Eliot's The Waste Land is a rarity. The Waste Land has been deemed one of the most influential poems of the 20th century and whilst its influence upon the literary world is unquestionable, it has often been considered too difficult to perform. Its vast array of characters, scenarios and sequences which feature a diverse assortment of languages have scared away many a confident performer.


Review- Eureka- CCDC21-9-15

The title 'Eureka' brings strong connotations and expectations, (and this is before even entering the performance). This word: 'Eureka' suggests that I will leaving with a sense of understanding, clarity and ultimately a concept of the show which I will view for a little under two hours. Did I achieve this moment of enlightenment? I'll return to this later.


Review- La Soiree- Lunchbox Productions17-9-15

In a combination of circus, cabaret and burlesque that has been running since its creation at Edinburgh Fringe, La Soiree swung into Hong Kong last night. I found it enjoyable, the cast talented, but sometimes their use of camp a little over the top.


Review- The Amazing Bubble Man- Lunchbox Productions17-9-15

This is not the first time I’ve seen The Amazing Bubble Man. I saw him three years ago on his first tour to Hong Kong. This show was similar to his previous run, but not exactly the same, which I appreciated


Review- Freespace Happening- WKCD11-8-15

Freespace Happening is a showcase of Hong Kong’s local talent in the great outdoors. Well, close enough… West Kowloon Cultural District. Outdoor art events in Hong Kong are few and far between and I was happy to see that this event was about promoting local artists and making art affordable and accessible. Each Freespace Happening will feature music, handicraft market, street performances and a selection of special attractions and take place on the second sunday of each month.


Live with Lizzy!- Outlook Festival Launch Party10-8-15

One of our fabulous critics, Laurella Jose, loves hearing live music and seeing local bands play. We've had the demand to cover the music scene in Hong Kong for years but didn't have a passionate, music lover with the skills to take it on. We present a new series to HKELD, called Live with Lizzy!


Review- Life. in Hong Kong- We Draman Theatre3-8-15

Mime. What thoughts crop into your mind? A strange French clown with a white painted face and a lipstick smile? A cartoon-esque cartoon of buffoonery and nuisance? As these images spring into your head, I would like us to focus on the key elements that mime will always include: control, story-telling and imagination. Prepare yourself to have your previous expectations revived.


Review-Breakfast at Tiffany's12-7-15

Holly Golightly is one of those literary characters that academic folks love to talk about since she isn't as cut and dried as she initially appears. She might first seem like a party girl with no substance, who cares only about money and about finding the next fun thing, but if we spend a little time with her we see that there's a lot more there. It is the story of a young woman in World War II era New York who hobnobs with famous people, gets into a lot of trouble, and breaks many hearts along the way, all while struggling to find her place in the world. And it's one of Truman Capote's most famous works, due in large part to the film adaptation of it. Everything about Breakfast at Tiffany’s has become culturally iconic and is sure to last the test of time.


Review- Ultraheroes Acrobattle- Dorian Concert Group11-7-15

I loved superheroes as a kid. I wanted to be one. I used to tie a blanket around my neck and fly around the living room. When I was given an opportunity to review a superhero show, I was really excited. Ultraheroes Acrobattle has a ton of potential for a show. It had the ability to take superheroes and bring them to life for young audiences. I was probably the only person there without a kid, but I could tell that even the kids watching were less than impressed with what I saw.


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