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Review- The Pillowman- Eclectic Theatre 9-5-19

Eclectic Theatre is on stage this week with its first theatrical debut, The Pillowman. The show the new group has decided to present as its first is a controversial one. Written by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh in 2003, The Pillowman narrates the imprisonment of fictional writer Katurian in a nameless, totalitarian state.


Review- Lies (£¥€$)- Hong Kong Arts Festival27-3-19

The following is not a review. It is a chronicle of £¥€$ (Lies), by the Belgian group Ontoerend Goed. The play follows the company’s tradition of creating experiences as apart of their expression and their understanding of the world.


Review- Dressed by The Night by Silvia Perez Cruz- Hong Kong Arts Festival25-3-19

The title song of singer-songwriter Sílvia Pérez Cruz’s recent concert at Hong Kong Arts Festival begins "Pinto les notes d’una havanerablava com l’aigua d’un mar antic,Blanca d’escuma, dolça com l’aire,gris de gavines, daurada d’imatges vestida de nit: I paint the notes of a habanera, blue as the water of the antique sea, white from the foam, as sweet as the air, with the grey of gulls, gilded with pictures, dressed by the night".


Review- Discord of Discourse- KrisP. Production23-3-19

If you’re looking for an ‘outside of the box’ performance, this performance delivers. KrisP. Productions have produced another original, thought-provoking and intelligent contemporary performance.


Review- Home- Hong Kong Arts Festival18-3-19

Every so often we as theatregoers come across a production that seems almost too deep to comprehend, yet so simple ‘a caveman could do it’. This would be the case for GeoffSobelle’s immaculate production of Home, just staged at the Lyric Theatre space at the Hong Kong APA.


Review- The Nutcracker, by John Neumeier- Hong Kong Arts Festival18-3-19

When I first heard that The Nutcracker was going to be shown at The Hong Kong Arts Festival this year I felt a mix of excitement (as I never get tired of seeing that production) and a tinge of curiosity to see how such a Christmas-oriented show would fit into a springtime schedule.


Review- Madame White Snake- Hong Kong Arts Festival14-3-19

Madame White Snake, composed by Zhou Long to an English-language libretto by Cerise Lim Jacobs and one of the few western operas directly informed by China and with direct Chinese creative input, has just been given its Hong Kong premiere at the 2019 Hong Kong Arts Festival.


Review- Hamlet, Prince of Denmark- Hong Kong Arts Festival12-3-19

It is hard to make a review of The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark without going to common places; asking why the director chose this emblematic play that contains the most transcending lines ever written, or how this version is not like any other versions or how they are all the same.


Review- Dark Room- KrisP. Production6-3-19

I’ll admit, I was dubious to whether I would enjoy a one-woman show about what I (wrongly) assumed would be someone complaining about their privileged life. Instead, I was engaged, my thoughts were provoked and I felt compassion.


Review- 887 Ex-Machina, by Robert Lepage - Hong Kong Arts Festival4-3-19

How do we define theatre? When it comes to mind, we typically, if not in fact almost usually, think about basically the same thing: Stage, curtains, lights, script, characters, actors/director, etc.


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