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Review- The Next Door- Hong Kong Theatre Association6-12-16

We live in a hyperconnected world in which we let algorithms decide everything for us, from the music we listen to or the movies watched, to the people we date. It seems we don’t trust a film if Netflix doesn’t recommend it to us, or listen to a song if it does not appear in Spotify’s Discover. And the dating world seems to be heading towards the same direction with a growing number of apps that apply filters and filters of compatibility tests.


Review- The Elephant Song- Sweet & Sour Productions1-12-16

Candice Moore and Sweet and Sour Productions are back in town! I was very excited to be reviewing this play as I remember feeling a tad jealous that it was being put on in the U.K., so I was delighted to have the opportunity to see this in Hong Kong. Having been impressed with the movie, which nobody apparently had seen apart from me, I was intrigued to see how the twists and turns could be portrayed on stage.


Review- Crystal- Dino Mahoney27-11-16

A toxic relationship is always painful, no matter the sexual orientation of those who go through it. Very often one of the couple gets more injured than the other and even more often that individual is left there to do most of the work: pick up the mess, restore oneself, learn one's lesson and move on. But can anybody really move on?


Contemporary Dance Showcase: Asian-Male Episode 7’ presented by E-Side Dance Company.9-11-16

Last night I was invited to review ‘Contemporary Dance Showcase: Asian-Male Episode 7’ presented by E-Side Dance Company. The showcase comprised of a series of 6 short pieces of work from various male choreographers who all performed their own work.


Review- Twelfth Night- AFTEC26-10-16

A shipwreck takes Viola to Illyria where she is forced to dress as a man and act as Cesario to be Duke Orsino’s servant, who she ends up falling in love with. However, he sends her to say sweet words on his behalf to Olivia who falls for Cesario. If the situation doesn’t seem messy enough, imagine what happens when Viola’s twin brother arrives.


Review- Otello- Opera Hong Kong14-10-16

Opera Hong Kong is closing out its commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare with a new production of Giuseppe Verdi’s “Otello” which runs through Sunday at the Cultural Centre.


Review- The Importance of Being Earnest- Shadow Players16-9-16

How can you compress the grandness of Oscar Wilde’s Victorian England to the confines of Hong Kong? The Shadow Players beautifully showed the local audience how to do it. The minimalist set took nothing away from the play, in fact, it allowed for the characters and their varied personalities to shine even more.


Review- Jeeves and Wooster: Perfect Nonsense- Lunchbox Productions16-9-16

Get ready for a production so hilarious that by the end of it, your tummy will be aching from laughter! Following a sell-out year on London’s West End and a season in Mumbai, "Jeeves and Wooster- Perfect Nonsense" opened last night at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, where it will be staged for 14 shows only. No-one should miss this exhilarating comedy.


Review-Vinalon-Not So Loud13-9-16

Before the review begins, let me introduce Vinalon. Vinalon, as the play informs you, is a synthetic fibre developed in North Korea in 1939. Although hailed by the bureaucracy as a 'miracle creation', it is often viewed as difficult to work with and consequently only produced in North Korea.


Review- Fragile Beauty- CCDC4-6-16

Fragile Beauty tells the story of Hong Kong, taking you through the changes the city has seen over the years through modern dance. Indeed, from choreographer Sang Jijia’s perspective, the city has seen many changes over the thirteen years he has been gone and this 75 minute dance piece takes you through the personal and political journey the city and its people have experienced.


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