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Review - Why Not Kill Us All? - CCDC1-6-17

The concept of this piece is, as stated by Bruce Wong himself: "Fear and violence are inseparable. Violence does not solve anything but it is a release of fear...."


Review – The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)- Aurora Theatre 27-5-17

Pursuing perfection may be difficult. Pursuing comedy may be harder. But writing a review about a play as deliriously madcap, comically adept, and audience-engaged as The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged) – if not equally daunting – is formidable enough.


Review - All In The Timing & A Minor Case Of Murder - CSR Theatre24-5-17

Timing is everything in a stage production no matter the size of the stage and CSR Theatre Company are perfectionists at their timing. I am not normally a fan of one act plays but this kept me enthralled and in laughter the whole way through and eager for the next performance.


Review- Post-Perception/Transcendence- CCDC6-4-17

CCDC has brought us another outing in Post-Perception/Transcendence with choreography from Sang Jijia and dramaturgy from Tang Shu-wing. This ensemble is focusing upon the concept of 'Consciousness' and how to be 'conscious', which in their interpretation is the body and essence itself being aware, not necessarily the mind.


Review- Dream Of The Red Chamber- Hong Kong Arts Festival20-3-17

Opera critics are usually only actually called upon to review a performance; the works themselves are for the most part well-known, sometimes to the point of ennui. On this occasion, however, the opera itself is brand-new. “Dream of the Red Chamber”, performed this weekend at the Arts Festival, debuted only last September at the San Francisco Opera.


Review-The Beauty Queen of Leenane- Hong Kong Arts Festival17-3-17

Set in the Irish countryside in the mid-nineties, The Beauty Queen of Leenane is a dark comedy written by Martin McDonagh and presented in Hong Kong by Irish touring production Druid.


Pina Bausch- Cafe' Muller and The Rite of Spring- Hong Kong Arts Festival 14-3-17

Over the last 45 years, Pina Bausch has become a point of reference in art, performance and dance for people all around the world. They have written essays, memoirs, reviews and articles on her work; she has inspired dancers and musicians; and in 2011 Wim Wenders made her a tribute through the Academy nominated documentary: Pina.


Review- Emir Kusturika and The No Smoking Orchestra- Hong Kong Arts Festival10-3-17

As I walked into the auditorium of The Hong Kong Cultural Centre the other night, I found myself physically and mentally exhausted after a very intense day. I kept asking myself how on earth would I possibly be fit to review a show if I struggle to walk straight? As it was too late to pull out I put myself together and walked into the Concert Hall.


Review: Floating Family- Hong Kong Arts Festival9-3-17

It’s Hong Kong Arts Festival and the hype is particularly high for Loon Man-Hong’s Floating Family trilogy. An epic undertaking, Loon has penned three distinct plays following the lives of one Hong Kong family over 20 years before and after Handover. Following all three produced this year we immerse ourselves in the family’s world, but each stands alone as a snapshot into a decade, and its zeitgeist.


Review- Franky- AFTEC7-3-17

For years, AFTEC has done a splendid job in Hong Kong promoting theatre and involving the youth in it. This year as part of their program “From Page to Stage”, they bring Franky, a reinterpretation of Merry Shelly’s Frankenstein. The company will have done 29 performance to schools and two public shows, making theatre more accessible to Hong Kong middle and high school students.


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