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Review- Opus- Hong Kong Arts Festival12-3-16

The opening scene of Opus is beautifully staged. Four musicians stand in white and black. They begin playing. A black strap hangs from the ceiling and then a small girl comes out on stage and begins climbing the rope. She twists and turns. She flies through the air with the greatest of ease.


Review- Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series- Hong Kong Arts Festival12-3-16

Every year, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series is filled with outstanding innovative local dance pieces. Marching into the 5th year is no exception. Featuring 11 works by 12 choreographers, each piece is distinctively different from one another in every direction, offering a rich and vibrant performance series. The dance series is separated into 3 programmes, and I had the privilege of watching the second programme, featuring 4 dancers in 3 pieces of dance.


Review- SmallWaR- Hong Kong Arts Festival6-3-16

Yesterday, I was privy to a piece of theatre that wasn't flashy or theatrical. Yes, it used modern technology to tell its story, but it did so without pretense or shock value. Valentijn Dhaenens' SmallWaR is a companion piece to his larger than life, BigMouth. SmallWaR is a subtle piece that talks about the everyday victims of war. A one man show is turned into a greek chorus through the use of video installations. Simplicity is often the sign of perfection and this is why SmallWaR was so effective in telling its tale of loss and the horrors of battle.


Review- Rufus Wainwright- Hong Kong Arts Festival2-3-16

Having recently moved to Hong Kong I was very intrigued to go not only to hear the velvet tones of Rufus Wainwright but to experience the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall for the very first time.


Review- Dream of the Past: Ancient Chinese Court Dances- Hong Kong Dance Company28-2-16

An evocative journey into Ancient Chinese Culture. Dream of the Past: Ancient Chinese Court Dances explores the ceremonies and dances that were performed in and around the imperial courts during it’s Golden age.


Review- Compagnie 111: What's Become of You?- Hong Kong Arts Festival28-2-16

Compagnie 111’s What’s Become of You? (Questcequetudeviens?) is a piece by Aurelien Bory for Stephanie Fuster. Part of the 44th Hong Kong Arts Festival, this work was rich in imagery and visually dramatic. Everything about it seems to be just right, whether it is the space, the time or the concept.


Review- Scent of Ink- Hong Kong Arts Festival27-2-16

Minimalism, purity, harmony. These three words would be my top picks to sum up every aspect of the National Dance Company of Korea’s “Scent of Ink”.


Review- FOLK-S: Will you still love me tomorrow?- Hong Kong Arts Festival26-2-16

FOLK-S uses the typical Bavarian and Tyrolean folk dance 'Schuhplattler'. The show description explains that this 'involves striking palms against thighs, legs and shoes, creating percussive sounds and rhythms'. I formed an idea in my minds eye that this might be reminiscent of a show like 'Stomp' and was excited to see the folk dance twist. I was wrong. Very wrong.


Review- Jane Eyre- Hong Kong Arts Festival22-2-16

Jane Eyre, a co-production of Bristol Old Vic and National Theatre of Great Britain; and part of the 44th Hong Kong Arts Festival is an exquisite and mesmerizing panoramic landscape painting of an intensely touching and personal portrait.


Review- La Verita (The Truth)- Hong Kong Arts Festival21-2-16

The Hong Kong Arts Festival is back! We are merely starting our dramatic journey in this 44th season and already its opening show is receiving three encores from its audience. I should know, I was one of them whistling in delight. The spectacular show in question is La Verita from the Compagnia Finzi Pasca and let me tell you this, it was a triumph.


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