Editor's Note: We welcome a new article series written by our two interns, Karen and Gladys. Both are local students at universities in HK. They expressed a desire and need to know what upcoming shows are hot and offer discounts to students. Everyone knows Uni students love discounts. This series is a new feature on HKELD. Show our interns some love in the comment section. This was all their idea!


'Sup Mamas?16-9-13

Our September recommendations article with Sassy Mama has come out!


Dinner & a Show: Critic's Panel Edition5-5-13

A lot of questions we seem to get seem to revolve around how to make a night out of attending the theatre. Some people when they go to a show make it a full experience; dinner, drinks, etc. We asked our critics panel members about their suggestions for great dining places near some of HK's theatres. For people new to Hong Kong we hope you'll find this guide helpful.


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