Review-A Place, Beijing Dance-CCDC12-12-14

For this touring version of A Place, which had been presented in Beijing twice before, choreographer Liu Bin drew inspiration from memories. The set was simply a stove with a kettle on top, a reminder of Liu’s childhood where, in order to keep warm, his family would huddle by the stove for dinner. Smoke emitted from the kettle, sometimes in little puffs, sometimes in billowing clouds, creating a great atmosphere for what memories are like: hazy, vague and not always crystal clear.


Preview-Salty Roast Crane-CCDC8-12-14

Turn out your toes and move into a cannon! City Contemporary Dance Company is celebrating its 35th anniversary in Hong Kong and bringing together two weeks of modern dance. The City Contemporary Dance Festival started earlier this week and is showcasing performances from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong into one program. The Festival features brilliant performances, a dance photography exhibition and an exciting symposium to revisit CCDC’s contribution as the leading contemporary dance company in the Greater China Region over the past 35 years, active in promoting contemporary dance, nurturing upcoming choreographers and training young dancers.


Review-IndepenDANCE Hong Kong-CCDC7-12-14

As part of their 35th anniversary celebrations, the City Contemporary Dance Company presented six pieces of contemporary dance with abstract themes; which both delighted and puzzled simultaneously. As a dance rookie I arrived with a completely blank slate of expectations. The blackbox venue was perfect for the performances, with minimal set pieces to organise between sets.


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