Review-Ballet Soiree-Hong Kong Ballet3-11-12

This was a salon style production. This means it's several shorter pieces tied together into a night of entertainment. I personally prefer salons to full ballets as it gives a little something for everyone and allows the company to show different styles of dance in one evening.


Free and Pretty Dresses?!!28-9-12

Yesterday I was invited to the Hong Kong Ballet and 1881's collaboration on the History of Ballet in Hong Kong. It was a free exhibition of photos, costumes, videos of performance footage and a free sample performance from the recently heralded, Cinderella. The crowd was bustling full of media people, parents who were invited to bring their kids and tourists who just randomly stopped by. An hour of free ballet performance and photo taking with the cast in beautifully designed costumes. The frog costumes were the best part of the show and were very cute! Props to the boys for wearing them out in the heat and leaping like proud little froggies! How great is it that we live in a city where we can see free ballet on a Wednesday afternoon?


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