Review - Closer - Sweet and Sour Productions 23-3-18

Patrick Marber’s ‘Closer’ is acknowledged as a modern classic. Aside from getting the Mike Nichols Hollywood treatment in 2004, the play has been presented in hundreds of cities around the world (and almost as many languages) since its National Theatre premiere in 1997 London.


Promo Video: Closer- Sweet and Sour Productions 14-3-18

Closer runs this week. Make sure to check out the Sweet and Sour's promotional video, and to buy tickets!


Preview- Closer- Sweet and Sour Productions5-3-18

Closer, the latest Sweet and Sour Productions' show, opens this Saturday. The team is once more led by director Candice Moore; before we check out the play, we are curious to hear from the actors and their leader how they put everything together and we look forward to seeing them all in action.