Artist of The Month- February- Phillip Smith8-2-19

Our Artist of the Month is Phillip Smith. Recently seen in "A Christmas Carol" (Sweet & Sour Productions) and Wizard of Oz (Aftec), Phillip will be playing the role of Oliver in the next Aurora Theatre's production, The Pride.


Artist of The Month- February- Jan Brink8-2-18

Jan Brink has only been here a few months but he certainly hasn't wasted any time, as he is already been involved in three different local productions. Originally from South Africa, Jan is currently playing Tony Wendice in Dial "M" For Murder, which opens tonight at the McAulay Studio.


Artist of the Month- February- Namrata Bindra 2-2-17

We are all looking forward to The Crucible, which will be on stage this month presented by Aurora Theatre. Playing female leader Abigail Williams, one of the evilest female characters in theatre, is Namrata Bindra. We sat down with her and found out more about her background, as well as her views towards theatre.