Hong Kong's Bravest Busker!30-9-15

A musician who stood up to MTR staff who tried to stop him from singing and strumming his guitar on a bridge near Kwun Tong station has been praised as a hero.


Occupy Central Clearance Has Begun11-12-14

Last night various art organizations worked hard to preserve and archive the art at Occupy Central and Occupy Causeway Bay. This morning we woke to post-it less walls and glitter bombed streets. We heard boys and girls shouting "We will be back!" with joy in their voices. They are not considering this a failure. It's a strategic retreat.


The New HKPO Logo 16-11-12

Part of HKELD's mission is to talk about what's happening in the arts in Hong Kong now in real time. Last month I was invited to join a "protest" against the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra to rally against... their new logo. Now, I have been to one HKPO event in my time in HK. My classical musician family members positively groan at my lack of sophistication when it comes to music. I'm by no means an expert on the HKPO or on company branding. But I'm intrigued that a logo has gotten our art community so riled up they're "protesting" it. I've never heard of people protesting a logo change before. Talk about getting heckled!