The Art of Wayang28-7-15

Wayang is Indonesian Shadow Puppetry. The most beautiful form of puppetry according to many scholars. It was created in Indonesia around the 8th century. The puppets are made out of paper, leather with wood and metal rods and traditionally bound together with wax. The puppets perform in front of bamboo paper sheets or muslin and perform by candlelight or lanterns for a warm glow. Even today, traditional electricity is not used in Wayang- as it’s considered disrespectful to the art form.


Review-The Paper Cinema's Odyssey-Hong Kong Arts Festival1-3-15

The Paper Cinema's performance of the Greek epic poem, Homer's Odyssey, was rather unique. It was actually an animation that could have been easily recorded and packaged into a DVD. But then, that's not the point. The brilliance and pleasure of The Paper Cinema is not only on what one sees or hears on the screen, but actually in witnessing how the animation, music and sound effects is created in realtime. It was like watching the "making of" of a movie while watching the movie itself.


Review-Miracle Fun, Funny Puppetry-Omar Alvarez Titeres Puppetry Arts Company5-4-14

I'm basically a big kid. So when I got invited to come and review a puppetry show I got pretty excited. I love puppets and feeding my inner child. Miracle Fun, Funny Puppetry is a one man touring puppet show by founder and one man band, Omar Alvarez Titeres. The company was founded in Argentina in 1987. The company aims to develop puppetry arts in Argentina, spread the love of puppetry around the world and to pursue the highest level of aesthetic in puppetry.