Preview- Hong Kong Love Stories Vol. 1- Sweet and Sour Productions 18-1-19

Is it possible to find true love in Hong Kong? Sweet & Sour Productions answers that question with a brand new comedy set and written locally by Jay Christopher.


Preview- A Christmas Carol- Sweet and Sour Productions 1-12-18

As the festive season approaches, Hong Kong is getting ready to celebrate all the events that come with it- including shows! December looks busy, especially for Sweet and Sour Productions who are now bringing "A Christmas Carol" to the stage.


Preview- Closer- Sweet and Sour Productions5-3-18

Closer, the latest Sweet and Sour Productions' show, opens this Saturday. The team is once more led by director Candice Moore; before we check out the play, we are curious to hear from the actors and their leader how they put everything together and we look forward to seeing them all in action.