Review- The Elephant Song- Sweet & Sour Productions1-12-16

Candice Moore and Sweet and Sour Productions are back in town! I was very excited to be reviewing this play as I remember feeling a tad jealous that it was being put on in the U.K., so I was delighted to have the opportunity to see this in Hong Kong. Having been impressed with the movie, which nobody apparently had seen apart from me, I was intrigued to see how the twists and turns could be portrayed on stage.


Promo video- The Elephant Song- Sweet & Sour Production23-11-16

Sweet & Sour Productions present The Elephant Song by Nicolas Billon. Opens next week at the Fringe Club.


Preview- The Elephant Song- Sweet and Sour Productions16-11-16

Sweet & Sour Productions is back after a year hiatus; to be fair, they only hit the pause button in Hong Kong, as in the meantime the company's director Candice Moore spent a year in London achieving an MA in Theatre Directing with Merit from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.