Super Saver Saturday 4: Saving Money on Tickets23-2-16

A lot of questions people ask me when I meet them for the first time is about how I budget to see all the theatre I do. I'm an unusual person. I see a 3-4 shows a month, on average. I was doing this before I had this awesome job (and received press passes). Budgeting for this was always a bit of a challenge but completely doable. There is a way to see a lot of art and save money while doing it.


Nominees- Best Ticketing Provider7-8-15

This was a category chosen by you the readers of HKELD! The ticketing market in Hong Kong has changed drastically over the past few years, including several digital startups and bilingual ticket services that aim to bring the Chinese and English speaking art communities together.


Typhoon Refunds: Ultraheroes Acrobattle10-7-15

Last night was Hong Kong's weakest Typhoon 8 in history, several productions were cancelled last night. Ultraheroes Acrobattle show has released the refund information for people who had tickets to last night's show.