Download and Print Your Own Occupy Hong Kong Coloring Book!27-10-14

Here are some coloring sheets made from famous images of Occupy. I'm a firm believer that art should imitate life and children should be allowed to express themselves creatively about current events. Feel free to take these and share these with your kids.


Creativity Continues to Pour Out of the Umbrella Movement25-10-14

New projects continue to pop up daily at Occupy Central. Everything from performance art with dancing umbrellas to photo projects. We've continued going down to the site daily to get photographs of what's been happening and we took a walking tour with our Iphone to show our international viewers the space. We've been working with our UMAP initiative to add over 3,000 photos to the digital archive on FB so far! Check it out.


Catch us on Channel 4!20-10-14

Our editor, Meaghan McGurgan appeared on Channel 4 news last night talking about HKELD's plans to preserve and archive the art of occupy central, with our initiative UMAP.