5 Plays to NEVER Take Your Mother to


Taking your mom to the theatre on mother's day is an excellent idea. All moms love the theatre. Making the right play choice can be difficult. Not all moms love musicals and not all moms love the ballet. However, there are 5 plays you should most definitely avoid taking your mom to under any circumstance. She might think you're trying to project something about her parenting style.

Go see these on your own and be thankful you don't have a mom as crazy as the characters in these plays.


A classic Greek tragedy sounds like a great idea to take your mom to, right? Wrong. The most gut wrenching part of the play is where the protagonist stabs her children to death so that their cheating father may never hold them again. So much better than any episode of Jerry Springer.

The Beauty Queen of Leenane

This play is a black comedy written by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh. It's about a lady in her forties who has sacrificed everything to take care of her mentally ill mother. The play ends with the daughter bashing the mom's head in with a rock. Avoid taking grandma to this one as well.

Surviving Mommie Dearest

A one woman show written by Christina Crawford about her adoptive mother, Joan Crawford. The wonderful story of a child being adopted by Hollywood royalty and then beaten with wire hangers. Perfect for a night out with the gays; not for a night out with your mommie dearest.

In the Blood

Based on the novel, The Scarlett Letter. Suzan Lori Parks adapts the story to be about Hester and her 5 children from 5 different fathers. She resents them, abuses them and thinks of them as baggage. The story ends with her killing one of her children with a baseball bat. Nathaniel Hawthorne's book has never been so interesting or disturbing. There is also excessive use of profanity and the n word in this piece. Soooooo not mommy or child friendly.

Mother Courage and her Children

Wow! A play about a mother and how courageous she is! A perfect choice, right? Nope... It's about a money hungry woman who sacrifices everything even the lives of her children to make every cent she can during a war.


Of course, you could take your mom to either of these plays as an ironic, hipster way of showing her how much you appreciate what she does. "Hey Mom, at least you haven't stabbed me or any of my siblings yet. Yea!"

I'm not saying it's the smartest idea...or that your mom will appreciate the joke but give it a stab. *buh dum cha*

Happy Mother's Day to all our Mommy Readers!


  • Jennie
    13 May 2013

    LOL! So funny

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