About Us

 HKELD is a website dedicated to promoting performing arts to the English speaking community in Hong Kong.


The site is run by working artists and by those who love to watch performing arts. That’s why we’re doing this – to help the right show find the right audience.


We’re interested in all kinds of art. If it's made in HK- we want to cover it! We want to make sure that the majorly undervalued Hong Kong art scene is appreciated. If your show is accessible for English speakers, you can list it on our calendar FOR FREE. We also have paid options to boost your show’s profile. Starting in March of 2016, we began covering visual art and music. This was a big step for us. We're still learning and would love help. So if you've noticed an event in missing or if you have a desire to share your thoughts on our site, please contact us!


Our driving ambition is to consistently cover all the shows in Hong Kong - no matter how big or small - to the benefit of all potential artists and audience alike.


Our editor, Meaghan McGurgan, prior to 2012 managed – in addition to holding down a full time job – ran HKarts, reviewing and publicising all kinds of performing arts shows in Hong Kong. With HKELD, we look forward to building an even fuller, franker and more fantabulous resource for those who love the arts – and those who love Hong Kong.