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Welcome to HKELD for Kids


 This section focuses on kids stuff but it’s not just for kids.  It’s for parents, teachers, performers and anyone else wanting to make the most of what’s best for kids in Hong Kong’s performing arts scene. 


For kids (by which we mean anyone under the age of 18 – and even that’s debatable) our remit goes way beyond those who speak English as their mother tongue.  Hong Kong has invested heavily over the years in promoting English language drama for local schools as a sure-fire way to improve students’ language skills.    In consequence,  this city is a thoroughfare for great ideas and personalities from around the world with a passion for working with young people of all ages and ethnicities.   Theatre for Youth is the highest grossing sector of Hong Kong's performing arts industry in the past year.  And so much of it goes unsung and unnoticed by those who live locally.  And we don’t see why it should.


To help us help you, please let us know your thoughts and wants.  If you're a parent, teacher or performer with an experience (good or bad) at a local school that you feel we should know about, please send us a message. If you’re arranging a show with a focus on family, we want to know more.  If you have a local teacher that you feel deserves special recognition for their work and dedication to the community you can nominate them for Artist of the Month (just go to the "Use Us" section to see the nomination process). And if you’d like to advertise, sponsor or otherwise support this section, we’d especially love to hear from you.


What’s coming up for Kids?

There’s a plethora of great shows for the family in the pipeline.  We intend to list them (there’s a special ‘great for kids’ category in our What’s On section) and review them so you can get a sense of what’s worth watching now and in future.


Upcoming shows we are especially looking forward to:

Detention by Tang Shui Wing Studios
Snail and the Whale by ABA Productions


They seem like great quality shows that are affordable and accessible for the whole family.



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