Art and Charity


Art and charity often go hand in hand in this town. You often see shows where people are giving sections of their profits to charity or holding charity concerts with local talent. Doing something good with your art is an important part of being an artist. Here are some great examples of charity and art blending in town.

1) Issue specific scripts

Sometimes when you select a certain show it'll come attached with a social issue. VDAY is the biggest example of this. The author, Eve Ensler even forgives people the rights and royalties for her work during the week of Valentines Day as long as 100% of the profits go to women's charities. Other examples of scripts with hardcore charity ties are: 'Night Mother (epilepsy) ,W;t (cancer), The Yellow Boat (AIDS)...The list goes on and on. The authors of the above plays also give part of their royalties to the charity directly. (Which is an awesome thing to do!)

2) Scripts that you can add issues to

It's easy to add a charity aspect to scripts that have great themes on them but no specific charity you have to give the money to. I've seen a charity production of Grapes of Wrath that gave the money to hunger related charities, toy drives at productions of A Christmas Carol and women's shelters supported through a production of The Taming of the Shrew. (That was an awkward evening....) Choosing a specific charity to highlight a script can often bring further awareness to the issue by taking the theme in the play and putting it into a modern day context.

3) Charity Concerts

Local group ACT is the most known for their charity concerts in town. Every year they raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation through their concert series, What a Rack... This year the concert is known as What a Handful. I remember that one year they raised close to 15,000 HKD which is pretty impressive for a one night stand alone.

Other charity concerts have happened in town in benefit for the Typhoon victims in the Philippines and other worthy causes.

4) Charity to Increase Ticket Sales

Sometimes you'll see a show  giving part of the profits to a charity. The charity sometimes doesn't have anything to do with the script but is a personal passion of the artistic team. Adding a charity aspect to the production is a great way to increase ticket sales as people like to think that part of their money is going to support the needs of others.

5) Charity Events

I think the one of the biggest charity events in the art community is ArtWalk. At 400HKD a ticket they raise some serious dough for SOCA every year. The event is always full of people and is run by the art galleries in partnership with the wine and food sponsors that make the event so much fun! I wish we would have more large scale charity events in town like ArtWalk. It's my favorite night of the year....

I want to say a big thanks to all local artists that support charity through their medium.


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