Art in the MTR


We saw this today at the MTR in Central.

Have you ever seen live art performed in the MTR?

What do you think of the program?

What kind of art would you like to see there in the future?

If you're an artist who has performed in the MTR before, we'd love to hear what it was like! Did random people stop and watch or did they keep going about their business?

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  • Yasmin
    04 February 2014

    That looks like a fantastic initiative. Hong Kong really does need to develop its arts scene, as well as foster more appreciation for it among the general public.
    I've seen buskers perform near the MTR - outside exits and in the nearby subways. Compared to other cities, the quantity and quality of Hong Kong street performers fall short.
    However, initiatives such as Art in the MTR might change that, and liven up the normally dull and commercialised atmosphere of the train stations.

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