Artist of The Month- August- Yang Yuntao

After watching L' Amour Immortel, it was impossible for us to stay away from Hong Kong Dance Company; we had to get hold of Artistic Director Yang Yuntao and chat more about past projects, future visions and thoughts. We simply can't wait to be back for more and see what Mr Yuntao is proposing next.






1. Name, Birthplace, age: 




Yang Yuntao, Yunan, 42



2. How does where you were raised affect your work?

Nature has been a rich source of inspiration for me. I grew up in Yunan, which was the furthest thing from the city and its complexity. 
My experience with nature gives my work a sense of simplicity/candour, and a realistic portrayal of human nature.



3. Where did you train?

I graduated from the Minzu University of China’s Faculty of Dance, where I received my traditional dance training. I later joined the Guangdong Modern Dance Company, which liberated me from my shell and set the tone for my future work.








4. What is your favourite style of theatre? Why?

Dance theatre. To me, dance is more than just self-expression. It is, of course, created to please the eyes, but more importantly, it exists for a reason. Not only is the dance piece a showcase of talent and technique, but it should also inspire and stand for a cause.



5. What was the best show you EVER saw?

Pina Bausch’s The Rite of Spring.



6. What was the best show in HK you EVER saw?

Pina Bausch’s The Rite of Spring.



7. What piece of work are you the proudest?

Storm Clouds. With this production, we were able to find that intricate balance between artistic direction and audience preference. “Storm Clouds” is one of Hong Kong’s best-loved comic series, so naturally, it was enormous pressure to turn it into a non-verbal dance drama. I am just so glad it struck the right chord with the audience and critics.






8. What is your process like?

I am inspired by stories and things that interest me. I usually start by identifying that one thing or story by asking myself, how and why does it touch me? Once I’ve gathered my thoughts, I’ll share my ideas with my friends (fellow artists and designers) and we just chat about it, throwing out wild ideas. My works are somewhat serendipitous and spontaneous.



9. What is your dream project?

To create a long-running show that will be staged over and over again.



10. What do you think about the arts and theatre scene in Hong Kong?

There are way more creators than audiences. I think education is very much overlooked and we should nurture a new generation of spectators by talking about art and creativity openly. We have yet to grow a big enough segment they truly appreciate arts and theatre.


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