Artist of the Month- December- Luke Lampard


This week is an exciting one for Sweet & Sour Productions, as they are coming back to the stage after a year break with a brand-new production that hosts, among local actors, a young talent who flew to Hong Kong not too long ago just for the occasion. 

We sat down with actor Luke Lampard, the lead performer of The Elephant Song, and we found out more about his background, his first impression about Hong Kong and his future plans.  




1.    Name, Birthplace, age: 
Luke Lampard, London, 24.


2.    How does where you were raised affect your work? 

Being from London has affected my life more than I can describe, both within and outside the industry. Logistically, it means that I've been privileged enough to grow up seeing some of the world's best theatre on my doorstep with access to the National Theatre, the Donmar, the Royal Court amongst others, as well as a vast swathe of smaller fringe venues. Creatively, it means that I come from an incredibly vibrant, busy and diverse city meaning I've grown up around people of all cultures that have contributed massively to the way I view the world.


3.  How does your upbringing background affect your work? 
After an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Theatre Studies at Warwick University, I did an MA in Acting at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.


 4. What is your favourite style of theatre? Why?
My favourite style of theatre changes from show to show, but I have a special place for new writing. The new writing scene is thriving in London and the extreme political and social climate that we're in only creates more scope for creativity. Don't get me wrong; there's tremendous value in the many plays published over the years, but there's something about new writing that encapsulates the ever changing nature of theatre and brings a fresh perspective to various subjects new and old that I love.


5. What was the best show you EVER saw?
Picking my favourite show is incredibly difficult to narrow down but there is one particular playwright who stands out for me, and his name is Duncan Macmillan. Although he is best known for his play 'People, Places & Things' (and rightly so because it was a brilliant one!), it was probably the performance of his play 'Lungs' that stands out for me. Performed by just two actors in the round, with no set or props, I have never been more engaged or moved as it follows a couple's decision to try for a baby and the ramifications that it will have on the planet. I must give special mention to the actors that I saw performing this beautiful piece: Alistair Cope and Kate O'Flynn.


6. What was the best show in HK you EVER saw?
My favourite show in HK is probably an easier question for me to answer as I have only seen one! I watched 'A Concise History of Future' by Pat To Yan. It was a fascinating abstract piece (in Cantonese!) about Hong Kong's relationship with Beijing. I must admit it was difficult for me to follow at times but I was lucky enough to have a chat with the playwright afterwards and he cleared up a few of my confusions! I'll try and catch more of the HK theatre scene while I'm here.


7. What piece of work are you the proudest?
 I hope this isn't a bit of a get out, but the piece of which I'm proudest is probably our last run of 'The Elephant Song.' The character that I play is by far the most complicated and sophisticated one I've had to tackle so far in my career. He is a young man with an incredibly interesting past and an unspecified mental illness, so it's been a real challenge to portray. I've found it tough but very rewarding to perform the part and even in our second run of the play I'm learning new things every rehearsal.




8. Tell us more about your process. 
If I'm honest, my process isn't something I've ever really concentrated on or particularly defined. My drama school didn't teach one particular practitioner but rather looked at aspects of many. I suppose I feel a special affinity with Meisner as his exercises help to get me out of my head and help me to avoid over thinking things, a trap that I fall into from time to time!


9.     What is your dream project?
Going from my answers above it would probably be a new Duncan Macmillan play at the Royal Court! Failing that, I would love to do something that one of my favourite actors Jamie Parker did a few years ago; play the parts of Hal in Shakespeare's Henry IV parts 1&2 followed by the titular role in Henry V. 
It's rare to get a character development that is so extensive and over the course of three full-length plays so it's something I'd love to try.


10.    What do you think about the arts and theatre scene in Hong Kong?

As I say, I haven't had the chance to experience the arts and theatre scene in HK thoroughly; I'll make sure to do so before I leave! From what I've seen it seems like a close knit community with lots of people aware of and supporting their peers. It appears to have a high level of variety of content and a good mix of touring artists and homegrown projects. I look forward to getting more involved!


The Elephant Song opened last night at The Fringe Club and will run through the 3rd of December. For more info click here. 


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