Artist of the Month- January- Aila Pernambuco

We have decided to begin the new year in style! This month we are chatting with local fashion designer Aila Pernambuco and find out about newest trends and ideas. Fashion shares a lot with the dramatic arts in Hong Kong: it's not an easy field. But thanks to dedicated artists like Aila, there is space and opportunity to make something great out of the place we call home. 



1. Name, Birthplace, age: 
Aila Pernambuco, 30 years old.


2. How does where you were raised affect your work?
I was born and raised in Brazil, and I grew up in New York City.


3. Where did you train?
 I've explored the fashion industry globally.  I have studied and worked in the field of fashion in Brazil, New York, Shanghai, Cambodia, SZ, Germany, France and HK. 


4. What is your favourite fashion style and who is your favourite designer? 

I would say that my favourite fashion style is the one that represents my character the best. I've been experimenting with fashion since I was little and I've changed styles throwout the years. I believe that fashion is a way of self-expression and one should play with it, trying as many techniques as one wants. To be 20 different versions of yourself but be yourself for every version. 

Currently, I'm in love with statement outwear(coats and jackets) and accessories. Comfort is my goal when dressing up. I like pairing tailored trousers and blouse with a nice pair of shoes- whether casual to run errands or heels to dress it up. I also love the classic T-shirt and denim adorned with a statement accessory. I don't usually follow a particular designer, but the one I like the most at the moment is Alessandro Michele. He is doing an excellent job recreating Gucci's image, and he dares to think out of the box. I love when designers do that in a commercial way. Creativity doesn't mean sales most of the time, but when designers can align them both, that means business and a successful one too. 


5. What is the best fashion show you ever saw?
The best fashion show I've ever seen was during New York Fashion week. I had the pleasure to be part of Leila Shams' Fall 2014 runway working on the production and execution of her show, together with her fantastic team.  




6. Which fashion show in Hong Kong got your attention? 

Although the city has a lot of talents, the fashion scene in Hong Kong has a lot to be developed to be lined up with the international fashion powerhouse cities such as New York, London, Milan, Paris and so on. The fashion here lacks a strong identity and falls behind the leading cities in Asia where the fashion scene is very active. Such cities as Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing and Shanghai are leading the show in Asia. That being said, there is a lot of room for growth and opportunities in Hong Kong. I'm teaming up with a very talented group of local designers, factories and people involved in photography and production to lead a team under the AP and AP TAKEOUT umbrella. The team dedicates itself to go beyond borders to show the creative side and identity of such amazing city which Hong Kong is. Our first event will be in Bali followed Jakarta, Malaysia, Europe and North America. We are very excited and looking forward to pushing the Hong Kong Fashion to the next level.


7. What piece of work are you the proudest?
My bachelor's degree from The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC in International trade and marketing for the fashion industries.


8. Tell us about your process.
I've worked in big fashion houses and studied the industry for a long time before deciding to leap and start my brand. It has been a long and great journey full of discovery and great surprises. We will be officially launching our brand on February 25th, 2017 at La Laguna Restaurant, and I would like to invite everyone to come and be part of our fantastic event. More information to come at


9. What is your dream project?
Build a strong fashion powerhouse, where social issues are our goal to tackle. To improve lives and the environment through fashion, art and sustainability.


10. What do you think about the arts and theatre scene in Hong Kong?
I believe that there is a lot of room for expansion and growth in the art, fashion, theatre and TV worlds in the city. There is a significant shift coming globally speaking, and the rise of Asia will open the doors to new projects and ideas.   


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