Artist of the Month- July- Emilie Guillot

This month's AOM is Emilie Guillot. She's probably the most well known theatrical artist in Hong Kong's French theatre scene. She has been working on promoting and supporting French theatre in Hong Kong over the past decade and also recently ventured into a locally-produced film, A Typhoon is Coming. Get to know her below!


1. Name, Birthplace, Age

​Emilie Guillot - I was born in Britany, France. I am in my thirties.​

2. How does where you were raised affect your work?
​France is a rich cultural country. I grew up being surrounded with diversified artistic creations that taught me so much as an artist. I started acting and dancing by the age of five.​ Not only our country is rich artistically speaking but also in our nature, our values. The way I was educated made me the artist I am today. I was filled with love, madness, passion, struggle. The whole shebang for an artist to be inspired with. More seriously, I always wanted to be an actress since I was a little girl. I simply had the chance to have parents and family who supported me and the choices I made along the way. Where I am from and where I am now constantly affect my work.
My everyday life affects my work. I'm inspired everyday. Everyday I learn and grow artistically and personally. Most importantly the people around me are my greatest source of inspiration. I guess we are all filled with all sorts of emotional elements. The way it does affect my work is that I let it live and let it be naturally. 
3. Where did you train?
​Since the age of five about everywhere. My dad was a fighter pilot, when I was growing up with my sisters and brothers, we had no choice but moved cities every year or two. I trained everywhere between association, schools. At the age of 18 I went to Paris to study harder and get a degree in acting. I went to Le Cours Florent, well reknowned drama school. My real training was not at school, but life itself. At school you learn techniques, structured and basics which did help me as an actress, a director. Most importantly, I learn everyday with what surrounds me, my experience, the people and use it throughout my creations.
The more I do, I try things, the better I become. There are no rules when it comes to creativity. You just have to follow your hearts, and go for it. If it works, good. It doesn't, ask yourself why and do it again. It sucks. It's hard to get to understand which artist we are, and how we can express it, but once you find it, oh well, you better enjoy the ride as long as it can last. Life is too short to struggle too long. 
4. What is your favorite style of art? Why?
​Movies for sure. Perhaps because they make me dream and take me away from my everyday life for an hour especially now with all those visual effects. I'm a fan!​
5. What was the best show you ever saw?
​I think I haven't seen it yet. I can't remember the last time I saw something that really moved me. A movie yes, but a show, I can't recall. With that job, the thing I have a hard time with, is that when going to a show, I can't seem to watch it and enjoy it simply as it is. I will have to watch it and analyse it. That is how I get my inspirations.
How I learn and get better at my work. ​I do enjoy them all though, but the way I'm taking it in, is different. When I watch a movie, I get into it, and get passionate about it more than a show. Well. Perhaphs it's changing now. Since I have been producing my feature, I started looking at movies differently. How funny. Very similar than the way I would watch a show. I would never stop going and watch a show, a concert, an exhibition, a movie or such, those are essential for me. 
I look forward to the one who's going to blow my mind! Any suggestions?
6. What was the best show in HK you EVER saw?
Dirty dancing. You can't  put me in the corner when it's o​n stage!! I had to see it! Loved it! So much fun.
I loved the stage. How it could move from one piece to another. 
​It was simple but beautiful.​
And Macbeth with Kevin Spacey! Looooove his character! Amazing. 
7. What piece of work are you the most proud of?
​Isabeau - 2006 French May festival. An original stage play I wrote with a friend, four languages, sets in the 30's in canton. We performed at the auditorium at hung hom auditorium.
It was my first show. It was wonderful. Dancing, singing, drama! Loved it!​
8. What is your process like?
​Not sure how to asnwer that but it all depend when, what, where and with whom.
Generally, within three months time things need to be done. I like it when it's fast, on a rush, and fresh :)
I'm working with amateur actors. They don't have the luxury to spend to much time on artistic work. They have their own day time job and personal life.
9. What is your dream project?
​Isabeau - on screen!!!! it would be a wonderful story and film!!
10. If you could change one thing about the art scene in HK, what would it be?
​The venue regulations.
More black boxes on HK Island. More available for western local associations, fees reduced to a minimum. It's crazy how expensive it is even if you are a NPO. Everything costs money.​ There needs to be more flexiblities in renting venues. We have either big or very small theatre. We need a balance. We also need more rehearsal space.
I don't want to change anything actually. Things are going well. I have worked very hard for 12 years here in HK to get where I am, I can't complain.
Hong Kong is opening up more and more artistically. It amazing to see it grow.
You can support Emilie's Indigogo campaign for her film by clicking this link!


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