Artist of the Month- May- Kirsty McLean




1. Name, Birthplace, Age
Kirsty McLean, Harold Wood,Essex, 32 yrs
2. How does where you were raised affect your work?
You got to be strong,tough, be hard working and have a strong head on your shoulders to survive, like my mother did raising four children in Essex, living through this it has prepared and made me strong, which is needed in life and especially in this industry.

3. Where did you train?
Oxford School of Drama and Central School of Speech and Drama.
4. What is your favorite style of (insert appropriate medium here)? Why?
I love Musical Theatre, because it displays all of the three principles, singing, acting and dancing all in a different era, context, style and is most entertaining, engaging and electrifying.

5. What was the best show you EVER saw?
This is such a hard one as I have seen so many, though I think the pinnacle would be 'Fosse' on Broadway with Ann Reinking and Ben Vereen, it was un-believable seeing two original Fosse performers, perform right in front of me, it took my breath away.
6. What was the best show in HK you EVER saw? (You cannot say your own.)
Bounce-Insane in the Brain- I love street dance and the music was from my favourites Missy Elliot and Dizzee Rascal. It was just fantastic how they turned the story of ''One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' into this hyperbolic, creative piece of dance theatre.

7.What piece of work are you the most proud of? (please include photo, if possible) 
Don't Tell Mama productions of 'Luxuria', this was my production company first show, I directed, choreographed, produced and fully ran the show, and was very proud of the outcome of the show, thanks to my cast I choose. The performance was done in a Cabaret style, in a nightclub and throughout we interacted with the audience.The show was a great challenge, it was throughly enjoyable as I got to perform and showcase my favourite Fosse song and dance numbers.

8. What is your process like? 
When I'm pure stage acting I use the 'method', my greatest teacher I adhere to is Ute Hagen, I studied her method first when I went to Oxford School of Drama and it taught me so much and how I stripped and became a blank canvas, this was so tough and mentally emotional but looking back it all makes sense. 
In Musical Theatre my process is different as it is more physically and vocally more demanding;Therefore I would increase my exercise regime and vocally practicing more as usual i.e everyday vocal warm-ups, singing lessons, dance classes, gym everyday, along with researching in depth into the character and the style of the show.

9. What is your dream project? 
Cabaret/Chicago-either show would be amazing to do, the script, songs and dance numbers are unforgettable and it would be fantastic to bring these two Fosse shows to the Hong Kong stage. Choreographically they are both sexy, demure, cheeky, the story lines are compelling, and the songs are potent and catchy.

10. If you could change one thing about the art scene in HK, what would it be?
 For Hong Kong to have it's own 'BROADWAY'/'WESTEND'-Perhaps be called 'EASTENDWAY'?. Also, I would love everyone to come see my new show "Snow and the Deadly Seven" May 17th and 18th