Artist of The Month- November- Victoria Vargas

Our artist of the month is Venezuelan-born Victoria Vargas. Victoria is a patient and caring ballet teacher and choreographer and has been around the world making ballet accessible to everyone. Her mission in life is to share her passion with those who love dancing as much as she does. Victoria is also busy choreographing Marco Polo Goes To Carnival with Musicus Society this month; an amazing opportunity, as she describes it, to find out more about Marco Polo and the way he connected East to the West. 

Make sure you catch her show and read her interview!




1.    Name, Birthplace:    
Born In Maracaibo Venezuela.



2.    How does where you were raised affect your work? 

I was born in the small town and back on those days ballet was only for rich and light skin colour people.  On my Tribe, there was no knowledge of classical dance. I grew up in the forest, climbing trees, riding horses and taking baths on the river.  I felt everything was against me, as I don't come from a wealthy family I am not fair skinned. 


When I was little I used to have dreams about me running and dancing on my toes, I saw many lights and many peoples that I could not see them but they could see me.
I was taken to a field trip to the theatre where a beautiful Ballerina performed the Dead Swan. At that moment I understood that my dream's name was Ballet and the many lights were a building called Theatre. 

My parents were university professors; their income would come through twice or three times a year. As we struggled financially,  I learned the value of being thankful for everything that I have received.  I learned to engage my mind toward my dreams.



3.  Where did you train?


Venezuela and Cuba.



4.   Do you enjoy watching theatre?  



Yes, especially at old venues. They are the best because they have the energy of those many people that have performed on there. 



5.   What was the best show you EVER saw?


I have many. As far as ballet is concerned, I'd say Silvia premier at the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg. I also love Opera, and I have seen a stunning performance of Aida at Arena di Verona in Italy. The best musical I've ever seen was Cats in NYC.



6.   What was the best show in HK you EVER saw?



There are many ballet performances that I have been impressed, but recently I saw the  HK Ballet Le Corsair, directed by Septime Webre, Anna Marie Holmes, and Julio Boca. Fantastic production and performed very well by the dancers.   I have also enjoyed Aurora Theatre's productions as far as independent theatre is concerned. 




7.    What piece of work are you the proudest?

Not a piece per se (as I have many!) but an experience. I was driving toward to the south side Chicago one day around 3 PM to visit a friend of mine and her ill mother. Suddenly, I noticed that were much police on the street near a primary school. I asked an officer what was happening and he informed me that students were shooting each other.

I thought if I can help to use that energy on movement I may lower the intensity of their anger.

So I created an outreach dance program for primary school students. Immediately students’ scored rose and violence was lowered, so more institutions became interested in implementing this outreach program. Today, Joffrey Ballet runs the outreach in the community, and it has been very successful.


8.    Was Hong Kong challenging for you? If so, in what way?

Hong Kong has been a cultural challenge, that I love every day more and more. It has been great been here and watching things evolving and developing. 
The dancers I have worked with are very talented, with a great anatomy. There is a large audience that is very
supportive of the dance world in Hong Kong.



9.     What is your dream project?

To build strong dancers in Hong Kong.



10.    What do you think about the arts and theatre scene in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong arts and theatre scene is extremely active.  HK Has a vibrant and growing art scene on both local and International.


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    11 November 2017

    She is a FORCE OF NATURE!

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