Artist of the Month-October-La Chiquitta

In honour of Pink Season 2012, we have chosen to highlight a "fabulous" AoM who is not only a wonderful performer but an outstanding member of the LGBTQIA community in Hong Kong. La Chiquitta is one of HK's best drag performers known for her glamourous style and quick wit. We are happy to have her as our October Artist of the Month. You can see her perform on the 13th of this month at Drag Overdose, a now annual showcase of HK's drag scene. You can also find out more info at her website.

1. Name, Birthplace, Age
La Chiquitta, MTR Central Station, n/a

2. How does where you were raised affect your work?
I am, biologically, half-Filipino, half-Filipina. Where I was raised, everybody performs. Not everybody is necessarily good at it, but that's besides the point. Even professional performers are a dime a dozen. Actually, no. Change that to a dime for four dozens. Everybody's competing against each other for very few opportunities. One can't be shy or complacent, lest he wanted to fail. One has to always have something extra or someting different to bring to the table-- something that others don't have-- in order to be noticed. I think that's what the Philippines has embedded in me: the drive, the hunger, the fighting spirit, and the resilience, and pride in being different. If the other queens have colourful, elaborate costumes, I'm there in a swimsuit.

3. Where did you train?
In my living room.

4. What is your favorite style of performance? Why?
Personally, I only do glam drag. I sometimes dress as a pageant queen, but I don't do pageants. I don't impersonate, and I have never tried high camp. But as a spectator, i don't really have a particular favorite genre of drag. I believe that in order to be constantly evolving as a drag artiste, one must embrace and learn to appreciate and evaluate objectively the aesthetics of all forms of drag.

5. What was the best show you EVER saw?
The Trocks. That is the marriage of top-notch drag and impeccable classical ballet technique.

6. What was the best show in HK you EVER saw? (You cannot say your own.)
Same as #5. No doubt.

7.What piece of work are you the most proud of?
The annual Drag Overdose that I started last year. It is my way of educating the public of the different types of drag. And my way of saying to potential clients, "Look, if you don't like me, fine. But there are a lot other queens that might be suitable for your taste and event. Just 'effing hire us!"

8. What is your process like?
Rehearse, shower, sauvignon blanc, shave, sauvignon blanc, makeup, dress, shoes, sauvignon blanc, hair. Then taxi. Aaaand more sauvignon blanc...

9. What is your dream project?
A weeklong dragfest which starts with a drag motorcade on Saturday, a drag-on boat race on Sunday morning, a beach bbq in the afternoon, film screenings and performances throughout the week, Dragscars, (the Oscars of Drag, which honors artists and performances who have left the public with an indelible mark-- or scar) on Friday night, and then Drag Overdose on Saturday.

10. If you could change one thing about the art scene in HK, what would it be?
I'd transform the old Hong Kong police station in Central into Drag Central. It would house proper wig shops, costume designers, a drag school, shoe salons, makeup boutiques, a gallery, a café, rehearsal studios and three performance spaces. And it would rake in copious amounts of money, enough to fly in guest drag artists from all over the verld!


  • Morton
    01 October 2012

    What does the QIA stand for? I've never heard this until today and I'm a gay dude.
  • Meaghan
    03 October 2012

    Hi Morton,
    QIA stands for Questioning, Intersex, Asexual and Allies. It was added to the LGBT acronym in 2009.
  • Reggie
    04 October 2012

    Thank you for including the qia. Bugged me that even pink season couldn't get the acronym correct in their marketing!!'

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