Bamboo Construction at the Hong Kong Art Museum


There is limited time to catch Bamboo Constructs at the Hong Kong Museum of Art.


Bamboo Construct 2014 is a huge installation work by renowned Hong Kong architect and artist Rocco Yim. It serves as a welcoming greeting to all visitors who enter Art Square. With a skilful use of bamboo, this art piece combines the beauty of traditional culture and contemporary architecture, exploring the aesthetic and functional properties of bamboo in our everyday society. This work takes the norm and turns it into the unique.


This project is part of the larger installation project that will be appearing at the museum through next week.


You can also catch the video and media work of Chinese artists, Leung Mee-ping and Chow Chun-fa on the 2nd floor. Leung Mee-ping focuses her lens on drifters roaming in several Asian cities and expresses her concerns about marginalised social groups while exploring the identity of urban visitors. Chow Chun-fai reconstructs official trailers about Hong Kong and ponders the expectations of local residents and travellers of a city.


These projects were brought to Hong Kong thanks to CoLAB. CoLAB x SLOW is a cross-disciplinary collaboration that intervenes in an art exhibition with "a social enterprise project", blurring the subject-object roles in the art world to provoke thoughts.

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