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LCSD is sponsoring the third annual Chinese Opera Festival this summer in Hong Kong. Marked by a brilliant combination of opera, dances, acrobatics and martial arts, the festival is sure to delight parties of all ages and backgrounds.


 This year, the Festival introduces the Mulian Opera Series by featuring three distinctly different troupes.  Quanzhou Wu Tianyi Centre for Dacheng Opera Heritage of Fujian will make their debut in Hong Kong by performing classic Mulian episodes on three evenings.  Opera troupes from Limu and Lixi Villages of Qimen, Anhui Province, will impress the audience with their simplicity and authenticity by staging short scenes normally watched in countryside opera venues.

A new Cantonese Opera, Her Majesty Wu Zetian, will be performed by renowned artists Wan Fai-yin, Yuen Siu-fai, Tang Mi-ling, and Wan Yuk-yu.  Supported by budding talents, the strong cast promises a superb performance which fans fervently look forward to. This is the first time in eight years a new opera has been commisioned by the LCSD.


In addition to stage performances, the Festival will continue launching extension activities this year including seminar, stage tour, film screenings, talks and exhibitions.  To complement the Mulian Opera Series, a forum on Chinese Opera and Sacrificial Offering will be held among scholars and experts to examine the origin of Chinese opera. 


Ticket prices range from free to 240HKD and more information about the COF program can be found on their website. 

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