Coming Soon... The HKELD Vlog


HKELD is all set to start a VLOG on the local arts scene in Hong Kong. We would love to interview producers, directors, actors, technicians and all theatre goers on various topics. If you are delighted by the limelight, undeterred by quirky questions and humor is your middle name, do email us at We will set up the stage and invite you to for a little chat. Here’s a perfect opportunity for you to share the fun and hardships of being a part of the theatre world.

Just a peek into some of the questions you might be asked:

Do you remember your first time on stage?

What was your first stage kiss like?

A line that you forgot on stage but now can’t forget?

The best compliment you received from the audience?

Who is your favorite character you've played?

Most embarassing moment on stage?

Best show you've ever seen...

Your favorite theatre space in Hong Kong is…
Any question you would like us to ask? Leave them below in the comment section!

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