Dannie's Funny Bone: January


Every month Dannie will choose for us what's hot in Hong Kong's comedy scene. You can always see what's happening in Hong Kong at HKELD's comedy partner, Comedy.HK. This month Dannie's chosen performer is the anniversary showcase at TakeOut Comedy.



Too often, life in Hong Kong can be fast paced and stressful. In between work deadlines, cramped spaces and overcrowding, Hong Kongers need a place where they can relax and laugh.


Thankfully, there’s TakeOut Comedy. As Asia’s first full-time comedy club, TakeOut features local comedians, as well as overseas comedians like Paul Ogata and Gina Yashere. On the 21st to 23rd of January, TakeOut will welcome back Steve McGrew to headline three shows in celebration of its 9th anniversary.


McGrew, who has previously been featured on Comedy Central, Showtime and MTV, made his debut in Hong Kong in April 2015 and impressed both the audience and the founder of TakeOut, Jami Gong, who called his debut shows, “some of the best shows we have ever had,” which is why he was asked back to headline the anniversary shows.


Gong, who began performing comedy while attending Syracuse University, and has made an appearance on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, actually began TakeOut in Chinatown, New York City in early 2003. It took off and grew nationally before expanding to Hong Kong. He said he established the venue as a place to spread laughter, develop local talent and showcase professional comedians.


This can, of course, be challenging at times.


“The biggest challenges are to make sure the bills are paid while we develop local talent and to believe in the vision,” said Gong. Conversely, “The greatest achievements are that so far we are paying the bills and developing local talent in HK and all over Asia. The [TakeOut Comedy] brand, [and] our Annual Hong Kong International Comedy Festival and Competition are now getting much respect from all over the world.”


Gong said his influence and experience set the Hong Kong comedy scene apart from other comedy scenes in Asia.


“Honestly, the HK local scene has developed greatly because I coach the ones that want coaching and give feedback to the ones that want feedback. The local comedians thrive on all my 25 years of comedy experience and guidance. The local scenes around Asia do not have someone like me who cares so much more about their success more than my successes.”


The goal for the future, said Gong, is to “continue to help bring more laughter to HK and Asia!”


TakeOut Comedy’s 9th Anniversary Weekend with the Return of Steve McGrew kicks off at 8 pm on Thursday, the 21st January at Champs at Charterhouse Hotel in Causeway Bay. Tickets are 250HKd per person and the show continues on Friday the 22nd of January, and Saturday the 23rd at TakeOut Comedy. The club is located at 34 Elgin Street in Soho. Tickets to the weekend shows are priced at 300HKD per person. Find out more at TakeOut Comedy's website.




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