Do You Have Solutions?


We are always hearing people talk about the problems in Hong Kong. Whether it's political problems, social issues or art problems, it's easy to complain and point out things that are going wrong. What's difficult is finding or thinking of ways to fix things. So we decided we want to do just that...



So we're naming our next Art Forum: Solutions.

Be there: Tuesday, August 26th, 8:30pm at Culture Club.



We're going to have a panel discussion with leaders in the Hong Kong art community about what their solutions are to problems in Hong Kong's art community. We're then going to open the floor to your Q&A, your solutions to the problems. We want to hear your ideas!

As always, the HKELD forums are open to public: tickets are 100hkd and include a drink at the bar.

We want to greatly thank Culture Club for hosting us again. 


Don't expect an evening of whining about things that are going wrong. We're going to host an evening about things we think can be better and how we're going to make them improve. Expect to be empowered. We have the ability to make changes in our community; we just need to work together and voice our opinions.


Do you have solutions? List them out in the comment section! (No whining allowed...)



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