Do Your Students Have Opinions About Theatre?

HKELD is all about promoting the performing arts in Hong Kong. A love for the arts is a culturally important aspect of life and students are usually encouraged at school to develop such an interest. Whether they do or not is up to them but we thought it would be interesting to find out what they really think about, (for example) a mandated play they were forced to watch for a school trip.

The motive for this correspondence is to ask the students of Hong Kong about their experiences with theater, whether positive or negative, and reveal insights on why they think so. The mission of this project is to investigate and document the current attitudes of high school students towards theater and the arts and what this may mean. This blog will be carried out by Cindy Kim, one of our guest critics and a fellow high school student.

Any students who agree to volunteer in this correspondence will be invited for a short, informal interview. If more than one student participates, a group meeting can be arranged. The discussion raised will generally range from their personal interests in theater to what they thought of the last play they watched.

We are very excited to bring you this column!

Specific examples of interview questions include:
“Apart from productions seen within or through school, have you watched any other performances recently?”
 “What kind of theater do you like to watch? Are there any differences with what your school picks?”
“Have you ever seen any street performances? What did you think of them?”

The answers are likely to be interesting. We would love to hear your students' thoughts! Contact us at

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