Don't be THAT person....


Every show has one... THAT person. They're very talented and likable but they do stuff that irritates the cast to no end. And I don't think it has anything to do with the person in it's-self. Once, I worked with a designer who pissed me off to no end during a production but I ended up being quite good friends with them after the show. The situation of a show always seems to make one person-THAT person. The one who's at the heart of every conflict, or causing drama off stage, or always receiving "Come to Jesus" emails for one reason or another. Here's some things to avoid in order to not be THAT person.


So, the scenic designer is getting a divorce? Guess what? It's none of your business! Don't talk about a person behind their backs. If someone else has a disagreement in rehearsals it's best you don't involve yourself. The same goes with anything said online about a show. Don't say anything about a person on twitter or facebook you wouldn't say to their face. They will find out about it. Hong Kong is a very tiny artistic scene. Everybody knows everybody. Watch what you say, always.


It is well known in town that one of my pet peeves is when people run late. Especially in a rehearsal situation, when you are working with other people, it's extremely important to be punctual. If you're going to be late give proper notice. Don't miss a rehearsal unless you absolutely have to. Remember that little conflict sheet you filled out with your audition? Don't lie on it. You'll only piss off the artistic team more when you're suddenly inundated with a ton of conflicts. As most community theatre production are volunteer or profit cuts in town, people will tend to be flexible when it comes to work commitments but be careful... You don't want to be known as who never comes to rehearsal.


Do we need to call you a wahm-bulance? Don't complain about everything. Don't say everyday is the worst day ever. We know you work hard but we don't need to hear about your period cramps or how incompetent your employer is at every single rehearsal. Also, if you're uncomfortable with something like kissing on stage it's best to not audition for that role rather than sit in the rehearsals and whine your way through it.


People like nice people. People like smiling. We know you work hard and it's nice to know you enjoy it. Turn that frown upside down and show that you're enjoying the process. It makes us happy to come to work on a show when we know the people are going to be fun to be around.


If you're an actor- learn your lines. If you're a designer- bring your designs in for approval and have them ready to go by the tech date. Do your job competently and no one will ever have to yell at you. Otherwise, it's fair game.


Respect your fellow performers, your director, your technicians. Make sure to say "Thank You" to the Stage Manager and crew. Nobody enjoys rudeness. Even if you're stressed out about something, take a breath and make sure to speak calmly about it. If you're fellow cast and crew members don't feel valued by you, they won't want to help you out of any situation. "Ask not what your castmates can do for you, but what you, can do for your castmates!"



Of course, all of us have been guilty of one of these at one time or another. Theatre is an artistic medium that is super collaborative. It's best to know what not to do- and if someone is guilty of one these infractions handle the situation with grace by sending a politely worded email or having a conversation to the side. Unless it's tech week...Then the gloves are off and the heads will roll!



  • Nate
    09 February 2013

    So many people involved in local theatre don't follow this rules and I don't think they care to. I once did a show where the leading lady was late every day and never got in trouble for it. It's bollocks. They wonder why people stop auditioning and working with people and it's mainly for the things in your article. Glad you said it.
  • Mel
    09 February 2013

    PREACH, meaghan... PREACH!
  • Luke
    10 February 2013

    These aren't just rules for being in a play but rules for life. Don't be a jerk and you'll get a lot a werk.
  • Jae
    11 February 2013

    Love this piece- keep it up! I think you should make it more obvious on the page headers where the blog is located so fans can find it easier. Took me a while to find it. I thought "get hkeld" was for advertising or something.
  • Mallory
    15 February 2016

    I think it's awesome you're resharing some of your older pieces. I was having trouble reading through all the old blogs and I had missed so much.

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