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This past couple weeks I've been working on collecting props for a production. Props hunting in Hong Kong can be an arduous task for a first time props master. There is no Target or Walmart where you can find everything in one place, like in western countries. Let's break down where you can find your basics.

Kitchen Products

For all things in a show related to cooking, the kitchen, or dining you want to hit Shanghai St. in Ya Mau Tei. You can find anything here. Whether it's vintage inspired martini sets or creme brulee guns. You can even find giant tail gating coolers here for cast parties and classic red Solo cups in bulk.


Set Dressings

For fabric and trimmings you need to hit Sham Shui Po. You'll find all the fabric you need for curtains, pillows and table cloths. Most places in Sham Shui Po have bins where you can buy the remnants off of the role for a lower price. You can find full yards of fabric for less than half of what you'll find them for in other parts of Hong Kong. You can get pillow stuffing in Sham Shui Po for super cheap.



First things first, what kind of weapon do you need? For martial arts related weapons you can find them at almost any market. They are especially plentiful at the Temple Street Night Market. For fake guns and retractable knives you can hit up either Pottinger St. Market or the costume stores in the Ladies Market for inexpensive basic models. If you need something a little more high end you can order air pistols from tao bao or foam guns from a movie prop website.



Fake flowers can be found for cheap at two places I've found. One- Prince Edward. There are tons of crafts shops that have a bunch of silk flowers at a great price. Another place that is super affordable is the Aeon Living Plaza, also known as the 12 dollar shop. Yup, you heard me correctly. You can find everything in the place for 12 bucks. Including fake flowers for bouquets. Living Plaza is my first stop on a props trip.



I have a "Freegan" philosophy when it comes to doing shows in Hong Kong. Always check to see if you can get a prop for free from someone before you purchase. There are community forum boards on Asia Expat, Geoexpat and Facebook that are great for collecting items that would normally be thrown away. Never pay for things like wine bottles, magazines or random knick knacks. You can almost always find someone who is willing to give them away for free.


Hard to Find

For all the tips I've given you there are props that will be hard to find during your run. Some props that took a really hard time for me to find were industrial tools for a character who was a welder. We ended up making something out of supplies we found in Tai Kok Tsui. You might need to get crafty to build props in Hong Kong on a small budget but it's totally doable. If you have more than two weeks to deliver and a Chinese speaking friend there's always tao bao.


Looking for a prop? Don't know where to look? Ask below and we'll tell you the best place to look!

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