Hecklers Update 2.0


Hey guys! Thanks for all your enthusiasm for voting and spreading the word about The Hecklers! Make sure you're saving the date of September 3rd for what's sure to be one of the best parties in town. We've been overwhelmed with the amount of love that's been sent our way. First, we need to clear up a few things that have been swirling in the rumor mill.

1) Bisous is an 18+ venue. This means that cast members under this age cannot attend. We're very sorry that this hurts their feelings but we can't really do anything about it as the venue is a bar. The venue is not 21+ as some people have heard.

2) There are no tickets being sold for this event and we are not making profits off of the awards. We are doing this as a thank you for all your hard work. We hope you show up, have a few drinks on us, have some food and have good time. Chillax, this is supposed be fun.

3)The event is invite only and required RSVPs. Due to the limited size of the venue we are asking for the producers of the nominated plays to send us lists of the cast so we can get the nominated plays on the guest list first. (This seems fair to us.) We have allocated the same number of seats per play regardless of cast size. Whatever tickets are not taken by the first batch of people invited will be snatched up by the people on our subscriber's list! If you have additional cast members who want to come or friends who to want to show you support we recommend that you have them sign up.

4) Our email system for the ballots is automated and it is a blind casting system. We cannot see who is voting. On our system we can only see the number of votes and what country the votes are from. (Current number: 1,345 and 92% Hong Kong.) We also have an ISP lock on the vote, meaning that you can only vote once from each ISP. We're working hard to make sure that The Hecklers are fair!

We've heard that some people have had trouble opening the link in their ballots. We're very sorry about that and to make sure that trouble with our email system doesn't keep your fans from voting we're going to provide the link on this post: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GBZWW7F

You can find the nominees here.

And all the original rules of voting here.

You can sign up for our subscribers list here.

Rock the Vote,

The HKELD Team


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