How to Get a Rehearsal Room in Town


One thing we all search for in a busy city like Hong Kong is space to rehearse our shows in. Space is a commodity in this town. The local theatre/dance producers are always on the search for any open spaces to rehearse their plays for cheap. We don't really have this issue in more spacious countries like the good ol' US of A due to the large size of our living rooms. Here's my tips for finding a rehearsal space in Hong Kong that won't eat away 1/2 of your budget.


1) LCSD Rooms
The Leisure Cultural and Services Department offers community rooms and lecture halls for use at several of their locations including the super convenient Sheung Wan Civic Center. These spaces book up really fast but are cheap at only 30HKD an hour. Booking must be done at least 6 weeks in advance and priority is given to registered non-profit organizations.


2) Rehearsal Space Sponsor
You really just need an empty space to work in. This can be anything from a board room to an art gallery or a backroom in a bar. Having a location sponsor your rehearsals is a symbiotic relationship. You promote them through your program, facebook event, etc and in exchange they give you the space for free. You can also partner with other artists who have a permanent space. Many will give you a room in exchange for free advertising for their next production. Work those channels!


3) Open Air Amphitheatres
Located all over HK from the Victoria Park to the New Territories. There are over 40 open air ampitheatres that are free for public use. Part of performing is getting used to practising in front of people so why not make it a fun night down at the LKF sitting out area?


4) Cast Member Bonus
Sometimes you happen to cast a person who has access to their school auditorium or a spare dance classroom after 8pm. Work all your networks intercast to find a space for free before you go out and pay for one. I have found several rehearsal spaces through this concept.


5) Community Locations
Art spaces like the Cattle Depot Artists Village, JCCAC, Fringe Club and Fotanian all offer rehearsal/practice rooms for hourly rates. Members normally get a lower fee so make sure you check them out by contacting the venue manager.

If all else fails, just practice in a bar over drinks!




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