Live with Lizzy!- Bamboo Star Album Release


One of our fabulous critics, Laurella Jose, loves hearing live music and seeing local bands play. We've had the demand to cover the music scene in Hong Kong for years but didn't have a passionate, music lover with the skills to take it on. We present a new series to HKELD called, Live with Lizzy!

Lizzy will be talking to us weekly about music events she attends, Hong Kong's developing indie scene and bands she loves.


Friday night at The Orange Peel featured the return of Bamboo Star from their Canadian tour promoting their new EP Broken Hearts and Bleeding Parts. Bamboo Star was founded in 2012 by lead vocals Wolf and lead guitarist Terence with the current band having been playing together for a good year. I had a chance to have a little chat with Wolf before they went on who described their music as taking inspiration for 70s and 80s rock and distilling it with a 2015 edge. 


Forgive my ignorance but one question I had heading in and from the event was why they were called Bamboo Star. Only to be informed that my non-Cantonese background could not help me decipher that pronounced in Cantonese, Bamboo Star (jook sing) refers to Chinese people who have Western backgrounds. You can just imagine the length of my “ohhhh” when I recalled myself wondering why Wolf, who grew up in Sydney, seemed to have a cool accent.



Amidst the head banging led by Wolf and shiver inducing guitar riffs dealt by Terrence, their sound did read bluesy hard rock. While they are definitely a cleaner, solid sound from the local scene, they aren’t stranger to bigger stages and definitely know how interact and get a crowd going. Performing fast tempo hard rock to more romantic, action-movie-end-credits-worthy tracks with a mix of great covers 


Overall, Bamboo Star really impressed me. I can’t help picturing them as garage band folk with a real love for their genre. Seeing Wolf rocking all by his lonesome as Seasons for Change opened for them really led to an awareness that there is so much passion, rawness and vulnerability to rock. Thanks to Bamboo Star for reminding me of that.



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