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One of our fabulous critics, Laurella Jose, loves hearing live music and seeing local bands play. We've had the demand to cover the music scene in Hong Kong for years but didn't have a passionate, music lover with the skills to take it on. We present a new series to HKELD called, Live with Lizzy!

Lizzy will be talking to us weekly about music events she attends, Hong Kong's developing indie scene and bands she loves.


This year Clockenflap brought to their stages a good handful of bands for Hong Kong’s own local music scene, including The Weathering, a pop electronic duo. Leora and Jeff started their pop project a little over 5 years ago, around the same time they got married. Originally from Colorado, the Hong Kong based pairing has a very up beat sound, experimenting with the sounds of their surroundings, their travels, and electronic orchestrations.



The Weathering’s set was early on the Clockenflap Saturday line up on the Atum stage. It was definitely a great way to start the festivities, light and happy - a real feel good vibe about it. I loved hearing little bits about how their songs took form, the inspiration and the motivation behind their creation. Talking to them after their set, I found out that Jeff and Leora’s shared passion for music seeps its way into dinner dates where they’d be working out lyrical ideas, writing on napkins. It’s incredible to see the evolution of their relationship in the evolution of their music. It gives the songs heart. The autobiographical nature of their songs, influenced by old poetry Leora picks out along their travels and the hope that the two share and incorporate into their music gives their music a certain beauty and uniqueness. The couple is no doubt quirky in the most adorable way, songs catering to doomsday preppers and melodies on the love’s misleading ways. 


When asked about taking inspiration from Hong Kong, Jeff points out that the industrial beauty Hong Kong offers so much to creating their music. It’s definitely evident in the electronic composition of some of their songs like Boom (After All She Said) and Say It Again. Leora has such a sweet, delicate voice, a voice I can only describe as a mix between the peculiarity of Shakira and the dreaminess of Ellie Goulding. 

There was truly a spiritual sense to their music. Jeff, who had the biggest grin throughout the set had to remind Leora to catch her breath between songs, it was cute. They were uplifting and energetic start to finish, pop electronic with bits of rap and dreamy love ballads. Check them out on iTunes and Spotify. 


My song suggestions for The Weathering include: 

Boom (After All She Said)

Apocalyptic Love Song

Where Other Ghosts Gather and And I Hear Music.


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