Memorizing Tips of the Trade


The hardest part of being in a play besides the whole "acting" thing is having to memorize all those words the silly playwright has written for you. Memorizing can be a daunting task for some people. I can't memorize a script by just reading it over and over. I'm a tactile learner so I learn best by alternative methods. Here are my tips of the trade.

1) Ipod it
Most ipods and most smart phones have a voice recording app on them. Record your lines on it and listen to your lines while you're on the train, waiting for the bus, eating dinner alone, etc. Auditory learners will find this method the easiest. You can also listen to it while sleeping. Some people believe that the brain absorbs more information while in REM.

2) Write it
You can write all your lines down repeatedly. The action of reading and then writing your lines both works your brain and your hand. Because you are using two parts of the brain it'll make you memorize the words faster. This works best on monologues, I find.

3) Repeat Repeat Repeat
Saying your lines in a mirror over and over can not only help your remember them but help you work on your facial expressions. Tyra Banks on Top Model always tells the girls on the show to practice in the mirror on their expressions. Practice makes perfect.

4) Find a Study Buddy
If you have a cast member that you work with a lot in the show use them as a study buddy for your lines. Practice over drinks, dinner, whatever. You'll have fun bonding with your cast mate and you'll learn your lines.

5) Set it to Music
Music is easier to remember than plain words. So by setting your lines to a musical tune you'll learn your lines a bit faster.


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